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Colleen Marie Boling, founder of Win2ition, left behind a successful career to start a not-for-profit. She shares how she dealt with the opinions of others and how we can follow God’s calling.

From high-tech professional to entrepreneur, Colleen Marie made the transition. Even though setting up a non-profit went quite smoothly, her environment responded differently. Colleen Marie is passionate about sharing about discernment, seeking God in the midst of it all, and standing strong in your faith regardless of what others think.

What we talked about:
1:27 Who is Colleen Marie and what does she do?
6:55 Why did Colleen Marie exit the high-tech industry?
12:49 How did she deal with the pushback of leaving the corporate world?
18:27 What to do if you feel lured back into old habits or the comfort of a job?
28:48 Where to go if you want to reach out to Colleen Marie or Win2ition

Podcast contributors:
Colleen Marie Boling
Jane Trapman

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After more than 30 years as a corporate executive working with high-tech companies such as Cisco, Siemens, IBM, AT&T, Verizon, Northern Telecom, The Williams Companies, Accenture, and many more.

Colleen Marie left corporate to pursue her passion of providing stress management solutions for business leaders and single caregivers.

Colleen Marie holds multiple certificates as a Master Practitioner.

By tapping into the broad network of healthcare and wellcare providers Colleen Marie has found a unique and dynamic way to align the right resources at the right time as outcome from your hour and a half first appointment. Colleen Marie meet leaders and caregivers where they are.

Colleen Marie shares this advice:

“We all have storms in life, and when we have the right resource at the right time we can lessen our storm damage and come out the other side with learnings where we may be able to assist another through their storm."  ☔️